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If you're planning to do business in Australia, you'll need an Australian Business Number (ABN)

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Australian Business Number (ABN) Registration Form

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ABN Registration

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An ABN is a unique 11-digit number assigned to businesses by the Australian Business Register (ABR). It is used for:

  • Correspondence with the tax office
  • Dealing with government agencies
  • Transactions with other businesses
  • Confirming details for ordering and invoicing with other businesses
  • Claiming goods and services tax (GST) credits
  • Claiming any fuel tax credits you qualify for

If you don't have an ABN, you may not get paid

Failure to quote an ABN can result in as much as 46% being withheld from payments from other companies so it's very risky not to have one.

Furthermore, if a company does not provide an ABN when doing business with another company, this may result in payment for goods being withheld. Please note there is a $100 charge on ABN number applications.

An ABN does not replace a TFN and will not cover all your dealings with the ATO. For example, you will still need to quote your TFN when lodging your income tax returns. The combined fee for a paper file TFN and ABN is $130. can organise both for you.

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We opened our first Australian office in Sydney and since then have gone on to open a further five offices around the country. This means that we have most of the popular work & travel areas in Australia covered. Our offices provide a place to drop in for tax advice, apply for a tax refund on the spot or apply for a TFN. Our Helpdesk staff are a very friendly bunch and are always happy to help. Call into an office near you today.

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We can also provide your Tax File Number (TFN)

Uzzināt vairāk

To apply for an ABN as an individual/sole trader you must already have a Tax File Number (TFN). If you wish to apply for an ABN as another entity type (e.g. partnership, company) you can apply for a TFN at the same time as you apply for an ABN. We can look after both your ABN and TFN.